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Wine, Cheese and Views in Assisi

Tili Vini has a rich family history in Italy that dates back thousands of years.

“Our ancestor, Simmone Tili, asked the Pope to sell the wine in Assisi and that’s where we began more activity of selling and production,” said Annalaura Tili, a member of the family that owns this organic winery.


Rows and rows of their vineyards line the countryside near the small town of Assisi. Tili Vini is one of the most famous wineries in Assisi and offers a number of activities, from wine tasting to truffle hunting and organic farm tours.

Upon walking through the doors of the serving area, there is a welcoming presence of Annalaura Tili and her dog Loki, that allows visitors to feel a part of the centuries- long tradition.

The family also makes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They are eager to have their visitors taste these as well. Their vineyard produces 90-100,000 bottles of red wine annually.


Tili Vini offers wine tasting of five different wines: a white, rose, two reds and a dessert wine. Tili also describes the history and making process of each wine. During wine tastings, snacks are paired with three of the wines to enhance the flavors of both the food and the wine.



Bruschetta was served with the white wine, Grechetto, and topped with their homemade olive oil. A cheese, meat and jam platter was served with the two red wines, made in honor of Annalaura’s mother and father. “Wine before cheese” is Tili’s recommendation when pairing the two. Finally, a chocolate almond cookie is paired with the dessert wine to counteract the bitter flavor.


Each wine has a distinctive taste and aroma that Tili Vine pairs with certain foods to create delectable combinations. Grechetto, the white wine, is made from a very old grape and has a fresh and fruity flavor with low acidity. The rosecato wine had a hint of banana and cherry in the aftertaste, making for a sweeter palette. Tili said she liked to blend this with frozen watermelon in the summer to make a refreshing cocktail. The red wine, nicknamed the “mum’s wine,” tasted faintly of strawberry, whereas the red, nicknamed the “dad’s wine,” was more bitter and dry. Lastly, the dessert wine was the most pungent in sweetness, making it hard to drink without the pleasant pairing of the almond cookie.

The Umbria region of Italy is well known for the land and temperature that make ideal conditions for Tili Vini to use their organic wine making process. The weather allows for them to make all of their wine without chemicals that could change the natural flavors or colors. The winery places a symbol on the back of each of their wine bottles indicating the wine is free of harmful chemicals.

“In our cellar, among our vineyards in Assisi, you can immerse yourself in the incredible products of the area and have a truly unforgettable experience between tastings and sensorial experiences. You just have to choose,” said Tili.

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Maggie Gries

Maggie Gries is a rising senior studying visual communications from Hillsborough, New Jersey. She is studying abroad in Rome, Italy for her 2022 Maymester, studying the foreign country through her five senses. Maggie hopes her passion for design is further inspired by ancient Roman architecture and Italian fashion.

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Kayla Salguedo

Kayla Salguedo is a junior studying international studies. She is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoys reading, traveling and trying new foods. Rome, Italy is one of her favorite destinations and she’s excited to learn more about the different cultures within the city.

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