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Rain or shine Barcelona is a good time!

This was one of the crew onboard the boat pouring us up some drinks. As you can see she has a super big coat on and in the background it is apparent that the weather was terrible.

A sunset catamaran cruise from the Barcelona harbor is perfect for a free evening. The cruise picks passengers up from a local port in Barcelona and makes its way around the harbor. Here in Barcelona, they like to celebrate rain or shine, and that is what they do. While some hesitated to board the “sunset cruise” as the sky darkened, it quickly became a dance party to stay warm in the wind and rain.

The event takes two hours and has plenty of room for up to thirty guests, with over two-thirds of them being from our study abroad program. The harbor is filled with boats of all sizes and provides a different yet still beautiful aspect of the city. While most people think of Barcelona’s lively downtown neighborhood, the harbor and man-made beaches are still an integral part of the city. This excursion was no exception, as the rainy views did not diminish the Barcelona shoreline. 

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, we were determined to make the most of this experience. As the evening set in, the passengers on the cruise began to mingle, and soon we found ourselves dancing the night away! The ship crew even allowed one of our own to play our music, adding a personal touch to the experience. As a group, this shared experience brought us closer and taught us the value of having fun, regardless of the weather.

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Picture of Spanish Wines

Spanish Wines

Millie Laird (Mass Communications), Morgan Dunn (Journalism), Amelia Richardson (Public Relations), Raquel Negrón (Broadcast Journalism)

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