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A chilling experience – IceBarcelona

Inside of Icebarcelona

On a typical night out at the bar, it’s usually a casual setting. The lights are dim; you may sit at the bar, order a few rounds, and chat with friends, but imagine having a chilling nightlife experience. Barcelona is known for its alluring nightlife and unique bar experiences, and IceBarcelona gives you the iciest bar experience!

The bar is located on Somorrostro Beach, near many other unique nightclubs and bars. Once you enter, you are given a silver puffer jacket and a complimentary drink served in a glass of ice. Yes, you heard that right, a glass made of ice! These delicious, fruity cocktails, such as Fast and Frozen, Rocketman, and Rambo on the Beach, will give you a chilly kickstart to your night. You are then taken into a 19-degree room made of ice, with frozen sculptures in every corner and pulsating EDM music. This bar is a must-stop for you and your travel buddies. In a city known for heating things up, IceBarcelona keeps it cool.
Student posing on ice scupture.
Students posing with astronaut ice sculpture.
Ice glasses filled with beverage.
Picture of Dance Culture of Spain

Dance Culture of Spain

Abby Gavaletz (Broadcast Journalism), Brianna Hughey (Public Relations), Ariyon Philpot (Visual Communications), and Cameron Strickland (Advertising)

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