Munich Maymester

See it . . . Live it . . . Tell it.

Sixteen J-school students are spending more than two weeks in Munich, Berlin and other parts of Germany discovering a new culture. 

No tour buses for them! They’ll use five modes of transportation and walk more than 130 miles in order to produce various multimedia stories (word, video, photography and other media).

And you can keep up with them here!

Munich Bike Tour

Munich Bike Tour When we arrived to Munich I was extremely exhausted from traveling throughout the entire night. The last thing I wanted to do was ride around on a

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Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps

Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps Today we took an hour long train ride to the beautiful town of Lenggries, Germany. Lenggries is a picturesque area surrounded by the Bavarian Alps.

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BMW World

Today was our second day of our Maymester in Munich. The group decided to take a tour of the BMW Museum here and as a car/motorcycle enthusiast I was beyond

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Dachau Concentration Camp

Today the group visited the concentration camp memorial site in Dachau, Germany. It was a very interesting experience, filled with many mixed emotions. We are starting to figure our way

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A Bavarian Day In Lenggries

On Friday morning, after an hour long train ride into the Alps, our group reached what seemed to look like the inside of a Cuckoo clock. Being in the

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Lighted sign that spells TEXAS.

Last Day

The Last day at the SXSW was incredible!    I am leaving Austin feeling inspired, educated, scared, empowered, overwhelmed, excited, thoughtful, motivated, exhausted, and fulfilled. I am feeling all of

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SXSW Day 5!

On our last day here, I felt it was only right to stop by the Trade Expo. And what a decision that was! I met amazing vendors and found even

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SXSW Day 4!

I guess I’m moving to Austin! Our tour today of IBM was refreshing and innovating. First, seeing a company as large as IBM manage to successfully implement frameworks such as

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Blockchain for farming slide

Blockchain for farming?

Before coming to SXSW, I knew very little about blockchain…but have learned so much in the last few days! My Monday started with a session on the future of farming,

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