Munich Maymester

See it . . . Live it . . . Tell it.

Sixteen J-school students are spending more than two weeks in Munich, Berlin and other parts of Germany discovering a new culture. 

No tour buses for them! They’ll use five modes of transportation and walk more than 130 miles in order to produce various multimedia stories (word, video, photography and other media).

And you can keep up with them here!

A slide featuring types of fonts.

“The New Frontier”

Today’s theme was : “The New Frontier”. I sat in a lecture about Variable fonts what they are, and how they are transforming the web and digital media. This lecture

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SXSW Day 3

With another day comes more adventure! It looked like the day would be full of rain, but we were instead greeted with fantastic temperatures and a nice wind chill. This

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Immersive Experiences

I learned, saw, and did a lot of different things today, but everything had a theme – immersion. Today I realized that a huge theme today in our society is

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Ready, Set, Activate!!

Today was the day of activations — and if you’re anything like me, you didn’t even know what that word meant until today! Activations are essentially a form of advertising

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Day 2: Saturday

Day Two (Saturday) started with a interesting and very real discussion about tackling the opioid epidemic using blockchain technology. The panel talked about taking back control of our data and

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SXSW Day 2!

I promise I am not being dramatic when I say that my second day here was life-changing. My morning started out with an amazing session on solving diabetes. As a

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